Dicks Sporting Goods Shotguns

Mossberg Maverick Model 88

Give yourself an edge at the shooting range or in the field with precision shotgun sights from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Explore a wide selection of red dot sights, laser bore sights, light pipe sights and classic shotgun sights.

Traditional metal mounted shotgun sights deliver a time-tested combination of simplicity, durability and reliability. You cab choose from all-metal shotgun sights from TRUGLO®, Dead Ringer® and other top names for superior performance in a low-profile sight.

For shooting in low-light conditions or other challenging environments, you’ll find an array of red dot sights and laser sights to help you take aim with confidence every time.

The right shotgun sight can make a world of difference in the ease and effectiveness of your shooting. Keep the following points in mind when you’re looking for your next shotgun sight:

  • Many red dot sights offer you the ability to select from multiple reticle colors, such as red, blue or green. These color options can help you choose the ideal reticle for maximum contrast against any color target.
  • Some shotgun sights are also compatible with rifles, crossbows or handguns. If you would like to use your sight on other guns or bows, look for one of these multipurpose shotgun sights.
  • Be sure to buy a shotgun sight that is compatible with your shotgun’s mounting platform. DICK’S Sporting Goods offers shotgun sights for use with Weaver-style mounting systems, as well as sights that can be mounted to handguns, bows and even paintball guns.
  • Take time to become familiar with your shotgun sight’s windage and elevation adjustments before using it in the field. Knowing your sight can help you react more quickly when it matters on the hunt.

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What is the uniform for Dicks Sporting Goods Employees.

khakis and a green polo...wear whatever shoes you want. no sandals/flip flops obviously

When does dicks sporting goods open on thanksgiving.

its is open almost everyday unless you live in Bergen county then iyt is not open on Sundays

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