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Outfit yourself for performance on the pitch. Shop field hockey equipment designed for the sport's beginners and elite players like.

Start with field hockey sticks for beginners and intermediate-level players, or expert-to-elite players – all engineered to perfection for unmatched performance. Select from composite or wood sticks and sticks built for goalie, indoor and junior-level play.

Suit up with the second-skin fit of women's compression clothing – like shorts, pants, capris and tees that work to support your muscles as you dig deeper on the pitch. Go for women's field hockey cleats designed for aerodynamics – with a lightweight-yet durable upper and molded spiked outsole for superior multi-directional traction.

Shield yourself with women's field hockey shin guards that allow complete mobility and comfortable-fitting goggles. Pull on field hockey gloves that protect against stick injury but allow your hand to naturally flex and grip. Defend your goal with confidence with field hockey goalie sticks, helmets, body guards and more.

Gear up for the field hockey season with everything you need from the top brands in the sport, like STX®, Brine®, CranBarry®, Dita®, Princess®, and more.

Field hockey sticks are primarily made of mulberry or hickory wood. High-quality wood delivers optimal strength and feel on the pitch. Beginning players should try a stick that is flexible and designed for shock absorption, while a more experienced player might choose a stiffer stick for strength.

Reinforcement materials are sometimes included on sticks, like fiberglass, carbon fiber tape, Kevlar tape and more. Reinforcing materials increase both strength and flexibility. Choose a stick based on its “toe curve, ” a feature on the stick designed for the way different players strike the ball. Select from several different toe designs on your field hockey stick:

  • Shorti: The most common toe length that is used for offense
  • Midi: The most appropriate toe length for beginners
  • Maxi: A popular toe length for defensive players
  • Hook: A J-shaped construction and larger stopping surface for defensive work

Stock up on the field hockey gear you need for the sidelines, with Gatorade® coolers and water bottles to keep the whole team hydrated and fine-tune your game with field hockey practice and official-sized goals and nets. Shop sports medicine for athletic tape, knee braces, first aid and more.

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What is the uniform for Dicks Sporting Goods Employees.

khakis and a green polo...wear whatever shoes you want. no sandals/flip flops obviously

When does dicks sporting goods open on thanksgiving.

its is open almost everyday unless you live in Bergen county then iyt is not open on Sundays

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