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I had already researched ahead of time and found that this store had the privacy tent $59.99 and portable toilet $17.99 that I wanted to purchase in-store. I took my lunch break today at 11:00 am and drove over to get these two items on Airport Rd. All I needed is for a salesperson to direct me to the location of these items.

Once in the department I approached a salesperson, which was wandering around an empty department. Only one other customer was in the area at the time looking at sleeping bags with his child.

I asked the salesperson if he could help me find what I had come to buy and he immediately told me, without even looking, that I would have to go online to buy because these items were not in the store. He proceeded to tell me that they only sold tents and canopies. I explained that I had already gone online and researched and located the local store and verified they had the items in the store. He was very rude and acted very "put out" by having to help me and wandered off. I guess to look. He never said. He just left me to wonder. I took it upon myself to look for the pop up shelter that was $59.99. Not a mere little purchase to have a salesperson be so rude to me for. And I also looked for the portable toilet. I finally found the shelter but never did find the toilet. Again, sales staff was not available to help me.

I finally found the shelter and took it up to the register to pay for it. I told the check out clerk what my dilemma was. He called back to the dept. but then decided to walk back and look for it himself. I waited about 10 more minutes for him to return. At least he came back with what I needed. What could have been done in 10 minutes took almost an hour to get accomplished. I will never waste my time at this store, ever again. And if I didn't need the items today, I would not have waited.

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