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It’s a fact - the more you play, the greater change in the tension of your strings. To keep your power and precision at their best, your racquet needs regular restringing. Racquet PROS in every store are certified to perform custom stringing for your new racquet, or can restring your trusted racquet to get it right back where you need it. Ask your local Racquet PRO about the string and stringing services that will keep you playing the game you love.


Stringing Service (with purchase of racquet and string)


Stringing Service



Take advantage of our extensive racquet selection by using our Racquet Demo Program to find the one that performs best for your game. Differences in head size & shape, length, weight, and stiffness, among other factors, can greatly affect your power and control. These differences can also affect the size and position of the sweet spot – and the feel of the racquet while you play. Find your new favorite racquet today, using the demo program at a store near you.

Demo up to two racquets at a time, and apply up to $20 in demo fees towards a new racquet purchase

*$5 late fee per day, for each racquet

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What is the uniform for Dicks Sporting Goods Employees.

khakis and a green polo...wear whatever shoes you want. no sandals/flip flops obviously

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