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You should consider factors such as age, skill level, batting style and league requirements when choosing your new bat:

  • Barrel Size is the diameter around the barrel of your bat. The longer the bat the larger the sweet spot, but smaller barrels lighten the load to increase your swing speed.
  • Grip is the covering on the handle of your bat. Look for a grip that promotes a steady hold and absorbs sting upon impact.
  • Drop is your Easton® bat’s length-to-weight ratio, denoted as the “minus number.” This is simply the difference of the bat’s weight from its length. Always consult league guidelines before selecting a drop.

Always view product information for specifics on your Easton® baseball or softball bat, including warranty details, dimensions and usage guidelines.

BBCOR baseball bats are required for play at the NFHS and NCAA levels. BBCOR, standing for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution, measures the trampoline effect of a baseball bat. All BBCOR-certified bats have a -3 drop.

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Easton Speed T-Ball Bat 2015 (-11)
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  • Durable Aircraft Aluminum construction for outstanding durability
  • Evenly balanced Speed design for greater control and rapid swing speeds
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 handle
  • Cushioned grip for a firm, comfortable hold
  • Easton end cap

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