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Back in October of last year, the wife and I bought a new house - conceivably, the house that we will reside in for the better part of the next 20 years (if not longer), and this new house is approximately 2x the size of our last house. While we absolutely LOVE the house, it has left us in the somewhat precarious situation of having a LOT of rooms/space to decorate and NOT a lot of fungible income to do so. Oi!

Enter HomeGoods, my home away from home for most weekends ever since.

HomeGoods is part of the TJX companies (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post) and is the home decor arm of their brands. It follows the same structural model as TJ Maxx and Marshalls where their buyers essentially feast on closeout items from a wide variety of name brand stores, then turn around and sell the same items at a DEEPLY discounted rate.

What I love the best about HomeGoods is the wide spectrum of items they carry, everything from bath mats to lamps, toilet paper holders to pet beds, chaise lounges to decorative mirrors, all at a pretty incredible price (relative to retail, anyway). We have easily spent hundreds of dollars here since the move and several rooms in our home were almost exclusively sourced from here. Love. This. Place. The only catch is to thoroughly inspect your item(s) for defects, imperfections, or damage before you buy - after all, there is a reason why someone hadn't bought it before you.

That aside, the main detractor from from 5 Stars for me (possibly unfair, but still a frustration) is that the business model that HomeGoods uses yields WILDLY unpredictable fruits to the shopper. We have a long, and seemingly ever-growing, list of things that we need for the house, but it is impossible to set a goal of crossing those items off on a single trip - the double-edged sword is that the inventory here turns over multiple times in a single week, so like Forrest said, "You never know what you are gonna get."

Some days, it's in and out in 10 minutes, others, we sink a whole afternoon (and a significant amount of money) here. It took me a while to get comfortable with that reality, and my wife is still working on getting comfortable with our home not fully furnished after 7 months, but the truth is, HomeGoods is a great value and a great way to spend an afternoon.

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