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Have you ever been in the checkout line and the person in front of you whips out a coupon and you think to yourself, “Now why the heck didn’t I think of that!” Other than maybe getting your purse or wallet swiped it may be the worse feeling possible when shopping.

But fortunately there is a silver-lining to this little tale as there still are ways to collect your discount at many stores if you forget your coupon, or simply don’t have one. The one thing that all of these retailers have in common is they want their customers to walk out of the store thinking they got a fair shake and saved some money. Here are the top retailers to employ this culture along with what you need to know about each to ensure you always get a discount.



Almost every time my wife shops at Michaels she does it with a coupon in her purse. Typically good for 40% or 50% off any 1 item and occasionally good for 25% off your entire purchase. On the rare occasion that she forgets to bring in a coupon, or doesn’t have one on her smartphone, she’ll politely ask the checkout clerk if they might have a coupon she can use. I’d say 90% of the time they’ll open a drawer under the register and pull out a coupon and scan it. Bravo Micheals. I know you have many loyal customers because you’re willing to do this for them.

Old Navy

I have witnessed it first-hand at Old Navy. A shopper walks up to the checkout person with an armload of cargo shorts, signature polos and colorful tanks, plops them down, wipes the sweat from their brow, and asks the employee if there is a coupon available they can use. Seriously. At this point the dealio usually ends with an employee pulling out a coupon to scan. From conducting my own research with some of my savvy shopping friends, success with this method varies by store and employee but it is always worth a shot. If you are shopping coupon-less at Old Navy you should give it a try or at the very least pull up the Old Navy Facebook page on your phone and check for a coupon. They are constantly updating it with in-store offers.

Joann Fabrics

Similar to Michaels, the craft and fabric store Joann is known for their great coupon offers. If you don’t use a coupon at Joann’s you are clearly paying way too much. If you forget to bring in a coupon be sure to ask any employee for one as they tend to hand them out freely. Also, if you see one of their sales flyers laying around, and you will, just open them up and they almost always have coupons in the back. Expect to find coupons good for 40% or 50% off any 1 regular-priced item and sometimes ever better.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Just a couple weeks ago I was in the new Dick’s Sporting Goods store here in Redding, CA and I was blown away with the great “coupon” customer service I received. I was at the checkout register with three squirrely kids when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had a Dick’s coupon on the Rather-Be-Shopping iPhone app. So I’m fumbling through my pocket looking for my phone, I finally get it out, and am pulling up the app when the gal behind the counter says, “What was the coupon good for?” I tell her it’s a $5 off $25 or more coupon, and she says, “Oh, I can do better than that!” At this point she reaches down and whips out a $10 off coupon and says we can use this. As a coupon nerd I darn near jumped the counter and kissed her. Luckily I contained myself and choose to just thank her incessantly.

Moral of the story: Always shop with squirrely kids as store employees will feel sorry for you and give you great coupons. But more importantly, when shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods without a coupon, always ask the checkout employee if they have some coupon goodness up their sleeve. I think you might be happily surprised with the result.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Oh, how I love the famous “20% off any 1 item” coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond. The $5 off $15 or more are great too. These things are like Gremlins at my house as they seem to multiply by the day and end up in every kitchen drawer within a weeks time. But what happens if we actually forget to take it with us when we shop? A couple tips to ensure you’ll still get your discount. First, keep an eye out when you walk into the store as I often see a coupon or 2 laying around the checkout area. Secondly, it can be as simple as asking the person behind the register for one. I have had a lot of success doing this. Just try it. It’s free money for crying out loud. Also, most BB&B stores will still accept an expired coupon so if you find an old one laying around try and use it anyways.

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