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Have you ever entered a coupon code when checking out at an online retailer only to be foiled be some ridiculous coupon exclusions? Pretty dang frustrating, especially when you click on the exclusions and you’re taken to a list that makes War & Peace look like a fun weekend read. Often times the coupon exclusions are brand specific as some companies do not want to be considered discounted brands. Other times the exclusions are product based like Office Max excluding all technology items.

Whatever the case may be, as shoppers and coupon users, it can be really annoying when you go through the work to find the best price (with a coupon to boot) and have it all be to no avail because what you’re buying is excluded. With that in mind, I have broken down the 10 longest coupon exclusion lists so you can be a more informed coupon user from this point forward.

Sports Authority

  • The list is a little overwhelming but these are some of the major brands that are excluded: Under Armour, select Nike shoes, The North Face, Prince, Scott, Oakley, Mountain Hardware, CamelBak, Nikon, and Louisville Slugger.
  • For some reason Golf is the most excluded sport with these brands leading the way: TaylorMade, FootJoy, select Callaway, Titleist, Odyssey, Cleveland, Cobra, and select Nike golf. Pretty much all you can buy with a coupon is a dozen cheap Top Flite golf balls.

Guitar Center

At first glance the coupon exclusions at Guitar Center.com make it seem like you can’t buy ANYTHING, let alone a guitar, and get a discount. I dug a little deeper and discovered a cool tip that can serve as a work-around to this long list of brands.

  • First, here are the top guitar brands excluded from their coupon offers: Gibson, Yamaha, Martin, Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Epiphone, and Jackson.
  • These exclusions were so vast that I started digging a little deeper to see what the deal was and that’s when I found this interesting Consumerist article. Turns out that Guitar Center has some wiggle room in price for almost all brands. Just hit up a Guitar Center Live Chat rep and negotiate the price with them. It appears the only guitars which they can’t lower the price on are those which are already discounted. Using live chat to score a deal is always worth trying, no matter the online retailer.


The coupon exclusions at Petco.com are quite random and include mainly heavy items like cat and dog litter (what the heck is dog litter?), aquarium rocks and gravel, and live crickets which are not heavy but an odd thing to drop in the mail.

  • It is nice to see that given the exclusion of heavy items like cat litter, dog and cat food is not excluded from coupons at Petco.
  • The last sentence of “Additional exclusions may apply” is a bit troublesome and leaves the door open for darn near anything.


  • Top brands that are excluded from online coupon usage: All-Clad, Dyson, Armani, Hugo Boss, Born, Helly Hansen, Levi’s, Michael Kors, Merrell, The North Face, and Steve Madden shoes.
  • It’s pretty obvious that if you have a Macy’s coupon that you can use online or in-store, you’ll want to take it into your local Macy’s as the in-store exclusions are much less. In-store exclusions appear to mainly be on items that are already on sale or are limited time deals.

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