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Thank you for shopping online at Big 5 Sporting Goods. We appreciate your business and want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while shopping with us.

As with any shopping experience, there are terms and conditions that apply to transactions on this Site (as defined in our Terms of Service). By placing an order, making a purchase online, registering as a user or otherwise using this Site, you agree to the terms set forth below along with all other applicable policies, terms and conditions posted on this Site, including our, and .

Order Status

The easiest way to check the status of your order is by using our page. There you can check the latest status of an order by simply entering your Order ID number and associated billing zip code for the order you wish to track. You may also take advantage of tracking all of your recent orders by becoming a registered user and using the Order History feature when you sign in to your account page.

You will also receive emails that will keep you up to date on the status of your order. These emails will be sent to the email address provided during checkout.

Please note that update notifications will typically take a few minutes to process after your order is received.

Here is a quick guide to explain the most common order statuses:

Submitted – Your order has been successfully placed and is on its way to being processed.

Processing – We are assembling your order and packaging it for shipment.

Shipped – The carrier has picked up the package and is in route to delivery

Payment Information

Online purchases can be made using any valid U.S. issued Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, or American Express credit card. Debit cards may be accepted if they function as one of our accepted credit cards.

Promo Codes

Big 5 may feature coupons and promotional (“promo”) codes that can be redeemed towards discounts on qualifying purchases. In-store coupons cannot be redeemed on the Site. Promo codes which are applicable toward online purchases can be entered in the “Got a Promo Code?” section found on the Cart and Payment pages. Please be sure to copy and paste the codes exactly as they appear, as the codes are case sensitive. If your order qualifies for that promotion, then you will see the discount reflected in your cart. Note that only one entered promo code can be applied to an order. Thus, if you enter multiple promo codes, then only the last-entered promo code will be applied.

Sales Tax

In accordance with applicable law, Big 5 Sporting Goods collects applicable sales tax (if any) on orders shipped to addresses in AZ, CA, CO, ID, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, or WY.

Sales tax is not collected on the purchase of gift cards. Currently gift cards may only be used as payment for in-store purchases and gift cards may not be used as payment for online purchases. In-store purchases using a gift card as payment are subject to state and local taxes.

Taxes shown in your cart and order receipt pages are estimated as of the then-current date. Actual tax is calculated and collected based on the applicable tax as of the date the item ships. Thus, the actual tax amount collected may vary from the initially estimated amount.

League Loyalty Program

The Big 5 Sporting Goods League Loyalty program is only applicable to in-store purchases and does not apply to online purchases. Additional information is available on our .

Customer Cancellations

If you wish to cancel an order that has not been processed yet, then please contact our customer service department at (800) 898-2994. If your order has not been processed, then a customer service representative may cancel it for you, in which event we will send you an email confirmation and any charge associated with the canceled order will be dropped. Please note that our goal is to process and ship all orders as quickly as possible. Thus, your available time to cancel an order may be limited.

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